With regular industry visits, and practical lessons being conducted for all students, to give greater exposure and visibility, we are very confident and looking forward to our next stage in life to work in the real working world after graduate!
Vanessa Thai
UOG Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Management 2019

ERCI is a multicultural school in a diverse, friendly and vibrant country that suits everyone. My journey at ERCI does not solely involve academics. Being part of the Student Council and having an opportunity to lead the KERIS Indonesian Student Club as a president, I have built my leadership skills, network and self-confidence through participating and hosting all the student oriented activities. I had a chance to use my own music passion and talent to contribute back to the society through different CSR activities.

ERCI is not just a school, it’s a whole experience!
Gega Savero Ramaolaf
UOG Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Management (Sales and Marketing) 2018
Founder of SAVERO Cargo

Education is important to create awareness and a great step to accomplishing your dream. ERC provided me with the opportunity to start school again after working for some time. They understand the work I’ve done for, and added it to my experience and portfolio. The lecturers here are very professional, always willing and available to help whatever I need.
Jeremiah Ong
UOG Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Management 2017

Before moving to ERCI, I had studied at another school for 4 months. Therefore, I can base on that experience to compare the 2 schools. ERCI is a completely different environment from my old school. It has much more activities for students to be involved in. The lecturers here are proficient, friendly and kind. The school location is also very convenient. I’m so proud to be an ERCian. It is just simply wonderful! Lastly, if anyone wants to study in Singapore, I would definitely recommend ERCI.
Vo Tuong Van (Vanessa)
Preparatory Course in English Language for Foreigners (2014)

ERCI has given me the opportunity to learn more about different students from different cultural backgrounds. I enjoy studying in ERCI because the institute provides me with excellent knowledge and expands my general perspective about the business industry. The lecturers here are very professional. They are approachable and very helpful in and out of class. My self-confidence has been enhanced as I feel enlightened and cultivated. The activities conducted by the institute have given me the experience on how to work with different people and how to deal with situations efficiently and effectively. ERCI has a great environment and I am grateful to be studying here.
Nicharat Veerareungrat
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management (Top Up)– University of Greenwich (2015)

ERCI provided me with an adventurous journey and broad experiences. Through the network of international friends, I could learn about their various cultures. With highly qualified lecturers, I not only gained knowledge and learnings, but I also received helping hands to adapt well in ERCI from them whom I could approach easily. Especially through our Student Council activities, I have changed into a real go-getter person where I can now do presentations with confidence, voice out my opinions and better communicate with people. Moments in ERCI have been the most unforgettable ones in my life.
Choi Hyo Jung
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management (Finance) (Top Up) – University of Greenwich (2015)

The MBA programme at ERCI has expanded my career possibilities in future with one of the best faculty, giving me a better understanding and knowledge of all different interrelated and applied principles in business management with a practical view. Apart from studies, being a part of student council has made me more active and given me a chance to participate and organise various activities and platforms. It has also acquainted me with individuals from other fields and countries with great networking platform. Finally it has given me the opportunity to pursue the career I wanted. And yes, if you want to be different, ERCI is the best choice.
Pooja Sharma
MBA International Business, University of Greenwich (2015)

Ever since joining ERC Institute, I have made a lot of friends of different nationalities. ERC Institute not only allows me to have the opportunity to communicate and work with people of different culture and background, it also provides me with a wholesome experience that I need in and out of the classroom. Lecturers in ERC Institute do not just merely teach and deliver the curriculum, they are very friendly and will interact with students even out of the classroom. Apart from that, ERC Institute has a group of very active student council leaders whereby they are exposed to organizing various events and hone their leadership skills.
Bronxen Tan Chze Szen
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (Tourism & Hospitality) (2014)

As far as I’m concerned, lecturers of ERC Institute are very passionate and enthusiastic. They are very patient in explaining the theories and how they relate to the real world. One of my biggest gains is to know a diversified culture so that I can broaden my outlook. The multicultural environment let me respect why others are different and that is very important for us to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. With the education at ERC Institute, I have more confidence in becoming a more well-rounded and versatile individual.
Huang Si Qi
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (2015)

ERC Institute (ERCI) is an extraordinary place to study in. Not only it provides excellent academic programs and qualified lecturers, but it also gives extraordinary services to the students by putting extra effort to enhance students’ experience – not only to focus towards fulfilling their academic journey but also make themselves exposed and be active outside the classroom by bringing the studies out of class with their soft skills programs, CEO forums, industry visits and many more.

In addition, through the existence of student council and my involvement in it, I realized that ERC Institute has bring out the best in me; I often get the chance to speak up, contribute ideas and also given the chance to lead and initiate programs which coincides with the different student activities and events involving the vibrant ERCI’s colorful student mix.
To sum up, I have had an incredible journey ever since I started my bachelor program all the way through taking Masters program now. ERCI has given me the best possible experience that I could ever ask for. Through ERCI, only then I realized that I am a leader with a difference!
Oldy Darren Ersya Putra
Master of Arts International Business, University of Greenwich (2015)
2013 Chairman Scholarship Recipient

The concept of education ecosystem in ERCI has allowed me to gain insights to many aspects of personal learning. I feel extremely grateful to be taught by a team of experienced lecturers, who have efficiently delivered quality and industry relevant courses. My experience in ERCI does not solely involve academics, because the Student Council activities have provided me a platform to build teamwork, self-confidence, leadership skills, and various aspects. With regular workshops being conducted to all students that give greater exposure and visibility, I foresee a successful grooming of a pool of young entrepreneurs. I would like to thank all ERCI lecturers and staff for making a difference in my academic journey. In ERCI, I trust.
Ho Ngoc Linh
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management (Top Up) (2014)
2014 Chairman Scholarship Recipient

I have been a student at ERC Institute since October 2011. When I first came to Singapore, I could hardly speak English but now I am absolutely confident about my English communication skill. In ERCI, the knowledge has been shared by the lecturers who have rich industry experience and academic qualifications. Furthermore, the highly dedicated lecturers have inspired me to put in greater efforts in my studies. I absolutely enjoy the integration of the students from diverse cultural backgrounds here which significantly help in international business environment nowadays. My student life in Singapore has been marked actively and meaningfully by Student Council. My leadership and teamwork skills have been improved remarkably by being actively involved in Student Council. I definitely recommend ERCI to any individual who is aiming to excel and have a competitive advantage upon graduation.
Nguyen Anh Minh
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Business Management (Top Up) – University of Wolverhampton (2015)
2013 CEO Scholarship Recipient

I really enjoy every moment in ERCI where it is not only a school about theories but it is a family environment that you have many friends from many different countries. All the lecturers are very kind and motivated, they do not only teach you but also share many things about life with students that’s why I never feel bored to come to class. This is especially so when I am very actively involved in Student Council where we can hone our leadership skills and tighten friendship with lots of fun and challenges. Lastly, ERCI does not only provide you with theories but with real experiences from lecturers to help you have more critical and analytical views on how to apply the theories to the industry. Instead of opening the door for you, ERCI gives you the key to choose which door you want to open. That makes a lot of difference to my future.
Nguyen Khac Binh
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Business Management (Top Up) – University of Wolverhampton (2014)

What will be my return on investment? Like all other Executive MBA candidates, I asked myself this question many times before I decided to pursue an Executive MBA and selected the Fox School of Business. My learning was quickly accelerated and the value of the Fox School of Business became clear after just a few modules. Understanding other business lines and their language has provided me a better overview of business as a whole. While I had a general understanding of the topics in the program from my work experience, the Executive MBA structure aligned the specific knowledge I needed in order to take the next step in my career.
Dr. Yasuji Matsuoka, Manager of Neural Pathways Discovery Performing Unit, GlaxoSmithKline
Executive Master of Business Administration – Temple University Fox School of Business (2012)