ERC Institute International Students

International Students

  • Student Activities – All Students will be given the chance to enroll into our free workshops that are designed to prepare them to integrate into the international business environment after their graduation in ERCI. These skills are essential for them to perform and excel as managers and leaders in the global economic context.
  • Practical Curriculum – At ERCI, we believe in imparting more than just academic theory. Our academic curriculum is infused with practical know-how and the wisdom and experience of our pool of world-class CEOs who sit on our Board of Directors and Advisors. As a result, we coach our students to be entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and business owners.
  • Industry Partnerships – ERCI has formed many strong and lasting industry partnerships over the years. As a result, students benefit from mentorships with industry leaders.
  • Partnerships with Overseas Universities – ERCI is proud to offer academic programmes in conjunction with the University of Greenwich (UK), University of Wolverhampton (UK) and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, all internationally-renowned and accredited universities with a wealth of research and academic excellence, as well as experienced teaching staff.
  • Easily Accessible - ERCI is located at Mountbatten Square, which is easily accessible by public transport. ERCI is located within walking distance from Mountbatten MRT station.
  • Multicultural Student Body – ERCI’s international student population hail from countries all over the world, such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

ERCI is all about helping you discover your inner potential as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or business owner. No matter what your qualifications are, we have academic programmes to suit students at all levels. Our students have graduated from our unique academic and mentoring programmes in Business & Entrepreneurship, Financial Services and Tourism & Hospitality Management academies. Discover how you too, can benefit from our academic programmes.

ERCI accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (please make the cheque payable to “ERC Institute Pte Ltd”)
  • Credit Card
  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Bank Draft
  • Cashier's Order

An official receipt for any and all payments made to ERCI will be provided to all our customers. Should we fail to provide you with a receipt for any payment, please email or call 6349 2727 to request for one.

Step 1 Complete the application form* for the programme applied for and send to ERCI with:

  • 3 recent passport size photographs
  • Local bank draft for application fee
  • 1 original copy of completed and duly signed Application Form
  • Photocopies of English Language Test/ IELTS/ TOEFL results (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of birth certificate (if not English, properly translated and certified/ notarised)
  • Photocopies of highest educational certificates and transcripts (if not English, properly translated and certified)
  • Any other supporting documents which may facilitate the application (e.g. Curriculum Vitae, appointment letters, referrals, and work testimonials; if not in English, properly translated and notarised)

Step 2 Sign the Standard PEI-Student Contract* between the student and ERCI (provided by ERCI) after accepting the offer for the programme applied for.

Step 3 Download and fill up the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) forms* for Student Pass Application::

  • Application for a Student Pass (eForm 16)
    1. Part A: Particulars
    2. Part B: Declaration
    3. Both copies must be duly completed and signed by applicant
  • Additional Information on Applicant (eForm V36)
  • Information on school (eForm V36)

For more information about the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), please visit

Step 4 Send the original copies of the completed and duly signed ICA forms to ERCI** with:

  1. 3 recent passport size photographs
  2. Photocopy of passport identity page
  3. Employment letter of Applicant’s
  4. Documentary proof of financial ability in the form of official bank statements / fixed deposit accounts / saving accounts
  5. Employment letter of parents. (printed on companies’ letterhead, stating designation, salary and duration of work with the company)
  6. Employment letters of the Applicant (if any; printed on companies’ letterhead, stating designation, salary and duration of work with the company)

Step 5 ERCI** would inform the student on approval of the Single-Journey Entry Visa by ICA. (The average application period of a student visa is from 2 to 4 working weeks subject to the documents being complete.)

Step 6 Payment of Course Fees can be made by Local bank draft, cashier’s order, credit card, Singapore cheque or telegraphic transfer according to the invoice:

Account Name: ERC Institute Pte Ltd
Account Number: 0279082895 (SGD)
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 027
Bank Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982

Step 7 ERCI** will in turn forward the Single-Journey Entry Visa to the student so that the student can make travel arrangements to Singapore for course commencement. Students should, whenever possible, reach Singapore at least 1 week before the commencement date of the programme.

Step 8 In accordance with ICA requirements, all international students must go through medical check-up at designated clinics by the centre within two weeks of arriving in Singapore. The medical results can typically be collected within 5 working days. The cost for the medical check-up ranges from S$50 to S$80 and must be borne by the student.

Step 9 Student may have their Single-Journey Entry Visa converted to Student Pass and Multi-Journey Pass at ICA after obtaining their medical check-up results. Upon ICA approval, all students are required to pay a student pass fee amounting to SGD$ 120.00 to ERC Institute.

Please contact us at for any clarifications.

*Please refer to the following tab for the forms necessary to make an application:

**Or an authorised International Education Representative if you applied through an agent.

Click here to view the Academic Calendar
Students should ensure that they find out as much about the school as they possibly can before enrolling into the school of their choice. ERCI Education Consultants are committed to providing as much information about the Institute and the courses offered. As part of the Pre-Course Counselling process, ERCI Education Consultants are committed to providing minimally the following information:

  1. School details, including but not limited to school’s location, how to locate the school, opening and closing hours, facilities, nearby amenities and any other such related information.
  2. Course details, including but not limited to various modules to study, total number of modules, course outline, course duration, class schedule, timing of classes and assessment schedules.
  3. Admission eligibility, including but not limited to minimum entry requirement and English Language proficiency for the various courses offered by the Institute, and the criteria for being able to apply for exemptions.
  4. Course fees, including but not limited to total course fees, deferment and withdrawal fees, examination fees, course materials fees, FPS and insurance fees and any other miscellaneous fees.
  5. Special promotions and scholarships, including but not limited to various promotions, amount of scholarship, eligibility for promotions and scholarships, how to claim for promotions, disbursement of scholarships, and any other special conditions that may affect the prospects ability to claim the promotion or scholarship.
  6. Payment methods, including but not limited to information pertaining to payment modes, payment schedule and installment plans available.
  7. Certification upon graduation, including but not limited to the type of certification that will be awarded after graduation and awarding and accreditation bodies.
  8. Prospects after graduation, including but not limited to the various educational pathways that are available for further studies in the Institute and with other education providers, and employment opportunities in the different industries.
  9. Student Contract details, including but not limited to rules and regulations that bind both student and Institute, withdrawal and transfer policies and related fees, refund policy and its related fees.
  10. Application details, including but not limited to the documents required to be submitted by the prospect for entry eligibility assessment, timeline for application assessment, and application procedures.
  11. Student Services Administration, including but not limited to information pertaining to Programme Managers administrating the various programmes, and where and how they can be contacted pertaining to whichever applicable issue.

All PEIs in Singapore are required to be registered with the Committee of Private Education. This ensures that the PEI meets certain set requirements in the areas of corporate governance, quality of provision, and information transparency. ERCI was effectively registered with CPE under the Enhanced Registration Framework on the 20th of May 2010. For more information, click here.
PEIs in Singapore are permitted to award certificates up to the Advanced Diploma level in their own name. University degrees should be awarded via partnerships with bona fide universities. All courses will have to be registered with CPE. For more information on ERCI courses registered with CPE, click here.
Students should be aware that recognition of certificates from PEIs, as well as degrees awarded by partner universities, for the purpose of employment or higher education, is entirely at the discretion of potential employers or institutes of higher learning.

Students should ensure that the PEI they enroll in is an active participant in the Fee Protection Scheme, i.e. the course fees that the student pays to the Institute has to be protected via insurance by a CPE-approved insurance provider. ERCI protects its students’ course fees via insurance provided by Lonpac Insurance Bhd. The insurance will be purchased within seven (7) working days of collection of course fees.

Students can continue to use the documents that have been issued by our appointed FPS provider (Lonpac Insurance Bhd)., such as certificates of insurance, to check on their fee protection status.

Please click here for a copy of the the FPS Certificate.

Fee Protection Company: Lonpac Insurance BHD
Policy Number: Z/19/BM00/000794
Period of Insurance: 17 December 2019 to 16 December 2020

ERCI must purchase medical insurance coverage for all its full-time students to cover them for hospitalisation and related medical treatment throughout their course duration.

The following students can choose to opt out of the medical insurance scheme if they can show that they are already covered by their own medical insurance*:

  - Singapore citizens, permanent residents and international students not on the Student's Pass, and
  - Students under corporate sponsorship / agreement signed between the PEI and sponsor organisation.

*The minimum features for medical insurance are: (a) annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 per student; (b) at least B2 ward (in government and restructured hospitals); and (c) 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities).

Medical insurance is not applicable to part-time students and students taking courses with a duration of not more than one month or 50 hours.

Please click here for a copy of the the Medical Insurance Certificate.

Insurance Company: NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Ltd
Policy Number: 4000144734
Period of Insurance: 01 February 2020 to 31 January 2021

All PEIs should ensure that enrolled students taking a course that is longer than the duration of one (1) month sign a CPE-approved PEI-Student Contract.

Please refer to the following tab for a sample copy of the Standard PEI-Student Contract

ERCI has appointed International Recruitment Agents from various countries. Prospective students who are interested in applying for admission to ERCI and who require the assistance of our International Education Representatives may approach our appointed agents.

ERCI would like to advise prospective students against going to unapproved agents as these agents will not be recognised by ERCI.

ERCI takes a serious view of any fraudulent or misleading information provided by unauthorised agents and reserves all its legal rights. ERCI will neither acknowledge nor honour transactions led by unauthorised agents.

Click here to download the list of International Recruitment Agents approved by ERCI.

Singapore is a dynamic city rich in contrast and colour where you will find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. A bridge between the East and the West for centuries, Singapore, located in the heart of Southeast Asia, continues to embrace tradition and modernity today. The city is brimming with unbridled energy and bursting with exciting events from arts and culture to lifestyle and fashion. With its friendly and welcoming people, state-of-the-art infrastructure and something new happening every day, the city offers countless unique and memorable experiences.

Facts and Figures

Size of Singapore 699.2 sq km
Population 4 million with a growth rate of 1.15%
People Consists of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian ethnicities, as well as a cosmopolitan mix of other nationalities.
Weather Warm and humid all-year round with rainy seasons in the months of November to January.
Places to eat Local hawker fare and international cuisine can be found in hawker centres, food courts, cafes and restaurants. Locals typically patronize hawker centres and food courts for meals at economical prices.
Places of Interest
  • Singapore Tourism Board
  • Singapore Expats
  • My Online Tour

    Airport Reception

      Most airlines fly into Singapore's Changi International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. The best way to get from the airport to the city (20km/12minutes away) is by Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) Subway, but there is also a wide choice of public buses and taxi services. Please have your passport and approval letter from the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ready when you pass through the customs.  


      Students are advised to make their own arrangements prior to arriving in Singapore but temporary accommodation can be arranged while you find something more suitable for the remainder of your stay here in Singapore. Lodging is relatively easy to find in Singapore and we will provide our expert local opinions and recommendations to ensure you are nicely settled in. Hostels These hostel accommodations specially cater to the needs of International students for them to live in a cozy environment conducive to their learning needs. These hostels are located near to ERCI and are equipped with many new and exciting facilities consisting of cafes, recreational corners, sports facilities and Internet access.  
    HostelContact DetailsRates
    Vita Hostel 50 Carlis Road, Singapore 219650 Click here
    Tel: +65 6293 6681 Fax: +65 6292 3381
    Contact: Ms Joyce Sim
    ETON Hall1 C Russels Road, Alexandra Park, Singapore 118281Click here
    Tel: +65 6272 1201 HP: +65 9109 2796
    Contact: Jammy Cai
    CSL Hostel1A Short Street, Singapore 188210Click here
    Tel: +65 6238 6339 Fax: +65 6238 1178
    Novena Hall 78 Glistead Road, Singapore 309116 Click here
    Tel: +65 6352 0580 Fax: +65 6325 0596
    A-Star International Hostel 292A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427544 Click here
    Tel: +65 6348 1432 Fax: +65 6348 1243
    Contact: Mr John Tan
    EVO House Services 60 Paya Lebar Road #11-19, Paya Lebar Square Building, Singapore 409051 Click here
    Tel: +65 6492 9982 Fax: +65 6384 6107
    Contact: Mr Paul
    Co-sharing of apartments
    Students can choose to co-rent a 2 or 3-room flat or an apartment. The estimated rental for a room varies from $350 - $650, depending on whether it is a public or private apartment. Public housing refers to Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and each housing estate is designed to be a self-contained neighbourhood served by supermarkets, food centres, clinics, schools, libraries and shopping malls. Private housing would normally be in condominiums with luxurious facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and 24-hour security patrol. Be it public or private housing, the rental depends on the size, condition and location of the apartment. Other determining factors include amenities (laundry, cooking facilities, telephone, electricity, water) and flat furnishings.  

    Public Transportation

    Type Fares
    Public Buses S$0.71 - S$2.10
    Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) subway S$0.71 - S$2.10
    Taxi Meter starts at S$3.00 (Surcharges may apply)

    Law and Order


    Smoking is not permitted in all public indoor places and most outdoor places, unless otherwise mentioned. Smoking is also not permitted at all nightspots unless within approved smoking zones. Offenders can be fined up to SDG$1,000.00 In addition, smokers who dispose their cigarette butts indiscriminately will be fined SGD$200.00.

    Chewing Gum
    Chewing gum is not allowed to be brought into Singapore or to be consumed, except for gum that serves a medical purpose, e.g. dental-health gums and nicotine gum. Offenders can be fined from SGD$500 - SGD$1,000.

    Spitting and Littering
    Spitting and littering in Singapore is an offence, and carries a fine of SGD$200.00 per offence.

    Drug Abuse and Trafficking
    Drug abuse is viewed seriously in Singapore. Illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be sentenced to a long jail term or even death if caught possessing more than 15g of heroin.